Hardware includes Bass drum pedal, Drum throne, Sticks, Hi-Hat stand, Snare stand and Two cymbal stands. (Hardware shown for example only)

The new EFNOTE 5 provides the truest playing experience available today. SEE, FEEL and HEAR the next-gen in Electronic Drum Kits for yourself.

Don’t Bark, Bite...
Using Tru-Aco™ technology, this bop sized kit can have you rocking Madison Square Garden, in your living room.

Why So Sensitive?
The newly developed ELISE™ sensing processor provides a low latency, wide dynamic-range, that is as consistent and solid as Steve Gadd. Well, almost. Nothing is as solid as Steve Gadd.

It’s All In the Touch... Screen
You can change kits, edit sounds and modify your setup with EFNOTE’s low profile touchscreen. As intuitive as it is simple, let your fingers quickly walk you through this meat and potatoes module. You’ll love how easy it is to use.

Tru-Aco Stereo Sampled Sounds
Tuning/Muffling/EQ - Threshold/Sensitivity/Curve for Each Pad
“Virtual Pad” Function for Sound Layering
18” Ride, 16” Crash, 14” Hi Hats and 8” Splash!
ALL 360° CYMBALS, 3-Zone Ride and Crash, 2-Zone HH
Full 6 ply Birch shells
Close to Zero Latency, Extremely Realistic Stroke Response and Feel
Bop Sizes - 16” kick, 12” Snare, 10” Rack Tom, 12” Floor Tom
Low Profile Touchscreen Module
8 Channel USB Audio Output
(ASIO) Multi-Track MIDI Recording
Flexible I/O Routing with GUI
Individual Click Output
4 Channels Analog of Output
Set List Function for Live Performance
Stroke Analysis Function for Practice
Recorder Function
On-Board Micro-Speaker for Metronome
Neo-Classical Beauty

Redefined vintage drums with a modern design and an elegant finish.
Perfectly resonant 6-ply Birch shells help enhance a realistic note.
Capture Every Stroke

Each and every note, including your most delicate, will translate.
Multi sensors and featured ELISE™ processing for ultra-accurate capture.
3-Zone Snare

12"x5" Snare drum (head/rim/side-rim) (2-zone toms. head/rim)
Side-Rim eliminates function-switching for side stick playing
Double-layered mesh heads
Birch 6-ply wood shells
Durable flat gray rubber hoops
Full, Solid Kick

16”x12” Full kick drum with mesh head with true beater to head contact
Mylar front drumhead that resonates for sub effect. THIS CAN BE FELT, YOU HAVE TO FEEL THIS!
Dual-sensor stable sensing for single/double beater(s)
High quality, robust spurs anchor to hard surfaces and carpet
Birch 6-ply wood shell
Real wood hoops
Mounted tom stand
3-Zone Crash / Ride Cymbals

Elegant, warm gray toned cymbals
Weight-simulated, engraved surfaces with a thin edge
360° flat sensing with multi-sensor
360° choke supported
Full 3-zone Crash/Ride cymbals (bow/edge/cup)
18" Ride, 16" Crash, 14" Hi-hat.
Hi-Hat Cymbals

Our free suspended top and bottom cymbals are changing the game in electronic hi-hat cymbals
Multiple precision optical sensors respond to your highest speed footwork
Realistic response allows heel-to-toe (handless) open note/closed note playing
Smooth continuity from tight-closed to fully open
First 8" Splash on the Market!

The new ultra thin & light weight 8" splash cymbal
360° sensing
Dynamic choke function
Can double as China and or layer the two Cymbals (Not a stack)
Use Your Favorite Hi-Hat Stand

The EFNOTE 5 hi-hat does not require any special hi-hat clutch or stand. You can perform with your favorite hi-hat stand which supports cymbals with a 12.7 mm (1/2") hole.
Simple Interface / LowPro Module

Change kits, edit and modify your set up quick and easily
Low profile, discreet sound module nestles just below the hi hat
Touchscreen user interface is super easy to learn
For Small Gigs

Setlist feature enables you to configure kit order with tempo for each song
4 output channels of analog, or stereo outs to the soundboard
Click and Audio-In can be assigned to headphones-only, if needed
High-power headphones output.
Full-Scale Acoustic Sound

Tru-Aco™ sound technology provides true to life, ultra clean stereo samples
Super dynamic, uncompressed acoustic drums and cymbals that are minimally processed
For Recording

USB Plug and Play 8-ch audio outs w/ USB MIDI simultaneously
USB 2-ch audio inputs for playback
Analog 4-ch audio outputs
Analog Stereo outputs
USB 5 pin DIN I/O
For Training

Multi-function metronome with beat LED indicator
Built-in metronome speaker for practicing without headphones
Rhythm Box feature provides over 90 basic drum beats
On-board recording function (15 songs)
Stroke Analyser

"Stroke Scope" displays your strike points using notation
"Accuracy Score" estimates your strike accuracy
Fun to test your accuracy as you progress
Sound Edit

Tuning/Muffling/EQ for each pad/sound
Threshold/Sensitivity A,B & C /Curve for Each pad
Pan/Ambience/Reverb for each individual sound
Sound Layering for every trigger zone using "Virtual Pad"
Storage for hundreds of customized sounds

Bluetooth audio-in provides you to play along with Spotify™ / YouTube™ with your smartphone
Bluetooth MIDI In/Out
Flexible Audio Routing

Flexible output routing for each pad
Output assignable click
Output: 4-ch analog / 8-ch USB
Input: Analog / Bluetooth / 2-ch USB


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