Drives Your Creativity

  • Specially full-expanded based on EFNOTE 7
  • Full-sized 5-piece shell and 5-piece cymbal set
  • 360° flat sensing with multi-sensor technology
  • World's first STAK™ 17" FX cymbal
  • Player centric design

Authentic Presence

  • Proves your musicality to the audience on stage
  • Low, wide and bold silhouette asserts its potential
  • Dignified black oak-ish finish
  • Realistic swaying of full-sized cymbals that visualize its sound

Tradition and Innovation

Modern but classic setup with:

  • 1x basket stand mounted tom
  • 2x floor tom
  • 1x holed effect cymbal
  • 1x crash cymbal
  • 1x splash cymbal

Portrays Textures of Vintage Drums

  • Good old collector's drum sets are newly recorded for EFNOTE 7/7X
  • Contains attack and eKick elements that can be layered to enhance the sound
  • Dedicated remastered acoustic drum sounds

17" FX Cymbal - Real-Feel

  • Light touch and real wobbling
  • 360° flat sensing
  • Special surface design with dedicated dark-gray color and hammered texture

20" Ride Is Here!

  • The 20" diameter provides slow wobbling of edge and the quick response of bow/cup
  • Multi-sensored 360° play/choke area
  • 360° free-swinging design
  • Responsive thin edge
  • Hammered texture surface

Finest Hi-Hat Cymbals

  • 14" top/bottom cymbals
  • World's first multi-optical sensing to capture the motions in 3D
  • Tru-Motion™ technology for expressiveness leap
  • 360° free-swinging top/bottom cymbal design

9-Sensor Snare Drum

  • 14 x 5.5", 10 lugs, birch wood shell, 2ply mesh drum head
  • Multi-sensor for hotspotless and high-resolution sounding
  • High head tension tuning available
  • Wide and adjustable side-rim

20" Kick, Unwavering Confidence

  • 20 x 15", 10 lugs, birch wood shell, 2ply mesh drum head
  • Props the whole set at the center of stage
  • Stable multi sensing for single/double beater(s)

Modern Two Floor Toms Style

  • 13 x 13", 8 lugs / 15 x 15", 8 lugs
  • Birch wood shells, 2ply mesh drum heads
  • Multi-sensor for hotspotless and high-resolution sounding
  • Low-rebound 2ply mesh drum head
  • Low head tension tuning available

Ultra-Compact Sound Module

  • Ultra-small form factor with uncompromised features
  • Metal chassis and aluminum finish
  • High quality DAC and audio circuit
  • High power headphone amplifier
  • Touch screen intuitive user interface



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